About Sofia

Sofia is Europe's second oldest city, it has already been an area of human habitation since at least 800 BC. The Bulgarian capital city is located at the foot of Vitosha Mountain, therefore it is a good opportunity to discover its built and natural attractions as well.

The city was always famous for its religious tolerance. You can find synagogue, mosque, catholic and orthodox churches within a short walk. Sofia keeps the memory of the release from the 500-years-long Ottoman occupation in its monuments, which were built for the honour of Russians.



Metro network of Sofia consists of two lines, from which line 1 takes to the airport. Different tickets are valid for underground and overground transportation!


14 tram lines run on the streets of Sofia. For the trams, buses, and trolleybuses the same ticket applies, which can be topped up on a travelcard. Children under 7 and seniors over 68 can travel free of charge.

Bus and trolleybus

9 trolleybus and almost 100 bus lines serve the inner city and the outer suburbs. Lines usually run from 5 AM to 12 AM. Two attraction lines (66 and 103) have a special fare which can be bought from the driver only.

Useful tips

During the construction of the metro in 2010, archeologists found the ancient ruin city of Serdica, which have been converted to a museum in 2016. The 9000 square meter complex contains an early Christian basilica, eight streets, six large buildings and a late medieval church.

Shopska salad is a traditional Bulgarian dish which can be eaten almost everywhere from small buffets to posh restaurants. Different versions are made in different locations, however, the original version must only contain shredded vegetables topped with sirene goat cheese.

The Square of Tolerance did not get its name by accident: within walking distance, a synagogue, a mosque, an orthodox church and a Catholic cathedral are located.

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Time Zone
Eastern European Time (EET)

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Electric Current
230 V

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