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The landscape of Larnaca is prominently beautiful: it provides several attractions, its sea coasts are wonderful, the panorama is picturesque and you can find here some of island's best beaches. It is located in the Southern part of Cyprus and you can reach from here the Eastern holiday resorts and the impressive natural sandy beaches the easiest way. If you have a desire for the all-year long sunshine, Europe's best sandy beaches and the special mixture of cultures, Cyprus is one of the best choice for you.

Larnaca is home of the always sunny, white sandy beaches and delicious bites, where the water of the sea at the free beaches is so clear that it is almost drinkable. The city is the island's biggest holiday resort thanks to its 25 kilometers long coastline.

Although we can visit 4000-years-old historical places in Larnaca, the city tries to show its modern city side with several festivals, that are held on the streets from spring to autumn every year. Heaps of restaurants and cafés offer their free tables for the visitors, but we can also find Irish pub and fast food restaurants. Its most well-known, palm tree-surrounded promenade is the Finikoudes, where we can try the souvlaki in any restaurant.



The major way of public transport is buses. From Larnaca Airport, you may not only take the shuttle bus but also several local buses to various resorts. Ensure you check the schedule if you are willing to visit remote areas, as some buses only run once or twice a day.


Three different taxi services can be found in Cyprus. Though not serving the airport, Interurban Taxi run between cities as a carpooling system. Such cabs usually take 4 to 8 passengers from bus stops, making the service slower but more affordable. Then there are only taxis in the countryside, which work at a lower tariff than the classic taxi cabs between the cities and the airport. The latter are charged higher night fare from 8:30 PM to 6 AM.


Highways in Cyprus are free of charge, but driving on the left side can be tricky for people who didn't get used to it. Car rental companies don't ask for an International Driving Licence, however, they require drivers to be at least 25 years old. Don't forget to refill the tank in the city, as along highways there are hardly any petrol stations. Note that petrol stations in Cyprus are closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday!

Useful tips

Near churches, you may be surprised by the sight of cafés and loudspeakers. As a worship may take up to 4 hours, people seated in the rear rows tend to go out for a coffee. During the break, they can follow the worship through the speakers, so they can return by the Communion.

One of the most famous shipwrecks of Europe is just a few minutes away from Larnaca! The 178-meter long Zenobia, full of trucks sank in 1982, which means that sea life has already conquered the wreck. Local divers organize dives and different programmes to Zenobia.

About halfway between Larnaca and Limassol, a village called Tochni is ideal for people who want to hide from noisy and crowded places. With authentic Cyprian houses and slow Mediterranean lifestyle, Tochni is considered as the soul of the island.

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Eastern European Time (EET)

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230 V

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