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Limassol is the second big city of Cyprus, its palm tree-surrounded and into smaller parks divided coastal road attracts the tourists all year. The island's biggest port can be founded here, but you must see the old town, the medieval castle and the mosque.

The city is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea from South and the Troodos mountains from North, where we can find Europe's southernmost ski resort. It is easy to climb up to the pike across the serpentines, from November till April many visitors come here to ski in the morning, then they spend their afternoon on the beach not far from the foot of the mountain.




The major way of public transport is buses. From Larnaca Airport, you may not only take the shuttle bus but also several local buses to various resorts. Ensure you check the schedule if you are willing to visit remote areas, as some buses only run once or twice a day.


Three different taxi services can be found in Cyprus. Though not serving the airport, Interurban Taxi run between cities as a carpooling system. Such cabs usually take 4 to 8 passengers from bus stops, making the service slower but more affordable. Then there are only taxis in the countryside, which work at a lower tariff than the classic taxi cabs between the cities and the airport. The latter are charged higher night fare from 8:30 PM to 6 AM.


Highways in Cyprus are free of charge, but driving on the left side can be tricky for people who didn't get used to it. Car rental companies don't ask for an International Driving Licence, however, they require drivers to be at least 25 years old. Don't forget to refill the tank in the city, as along highways there are hardly any petrol stations. Note that petrol stations in Cyprus are closed on Saturday afternoon and Sunday!

Useful tips

Just one hour from Limassol, you can find the most valuable floor mosaics in the world. Back in the 1950s, a farmer plowed when he found the mosaics. Today, the Paphos Archaeological Park is found in that area.

The ancient city of Kourion is only 17 kilometers away from Limassol. Its theater got the classical semicircle shape, the seats on the grandstand are actually stones. In this theatre has a spectacular scenery with the sky full of stars and the rumbling sea in front of the audience.

If you want to experience the feast what ancient Romans had, try meze! Meze is the traditional three-hour travel through Mediterranian cuisine, including grilled halloumi cheese, stuffed eggplants, and fried batata. In local taverna restaurants, they serve meze varying from 15€ to 30€.

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