The Dortmund subway, partly on the surface and partly on the ground, has eight lines, which are marked U41 to U49. At Stadtgarten, six lines cross each other: U41, U42, U44, U45, U46, U47, U48 and U49 stop here. The main railway station also has a metro link. The closest metro to Reinoldikirch is Ostentor, Kampstrasse, and Stadtgarten.


The tram lines in the city center were gradually replaced by subways, but there are trams to the suburbs.


VRR connects thirty-nine transport companies from the Rhine-Ruhr region, to which locals and tourists also enjoy the benefits of, for example, coordinated timetables and simplified tickets. Within the city center of Dortmund, the metro is the most reliable means of transport, but in the suburbs and discovering other cities in the region, it is necessary to switch to trams and buses. You can also find bus routes - and a route planner that simplifies your search on the VRR website.

Useful tips

Dortmund University City, approximately 45,000 students study here during the academic year. Because of this, there is no shortage of crowds, youth cafes and pubs in the city. And if you like the Westphalian beers so much that you can get more involved in the subject, visit the Brauerei-Museum in Dortmund, Dortmund.

Local food specialties, the Salzkuchen mit Mett, are so local that many of them are not familiar with neighboring settlements. But simple recipe: outside with thick cumin seeds salted cake, filled with minced pork and onions.

In Rosarium, Westfalen Park has more than 2600 roses. Romantic walks are the perfect destination.

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230 V

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