About Düsseldorf

Düsseldorf is a lively financial and business centre, where a long part of road traffic at the River Rhine was given to the pedestrians and bike riders.

Düsseldorf is an important city of the modern architecture and German fashion arts, Germany's seventh largest city.



11 metro (actually called as Stadtbahn) lines cover the city. U70 is an express line, operates only during peak hours. Normal lines vary from U71 to U79, U80 is a planned line, whereas U83 was inaugurated in 2016. From the total 161 stations, 22 are under the ground. Heinrich-Heine-Allee is a transfer point, as most lines tend to cross each other there.


78 kilometers of tram network is filled out by 11 tram lines. Lines are operated by Rheinbahn, ticket information and schedule can be found on their website.


VRR associated more than 30 companies around the Rhein-Ruhr region. The benefits of this system are the well-coordinated schedule and the simplified ticket system. Bus schedules and route planner can be found on the website of VRR.

Useful tips

Mostertpöttche is an endemic pot, which is used for storing the intense-flavored Dusseldorf mustard. Even Van Gogh painted a mostertpöttche on a painting in 1884!

Königsallee is the most elegant shopping street of Düsseldorf, to which local people just refer as 'Kö'.

On the bank of Rhine, Rheinuferpromenade is always filled with pedestrians and cyclists. The promenade was created in a way that car traffic was put under the surface, giving back the proximity of water to people. Along the promenade, you may find a lot of cafés, restaurants, and shops.

Good to Know



Time Zone
Central European Time (CET)

Country Code

Electric Current
230 V

Plug Type
F-type plugF-type plug

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