Frankfurt metro (or as it's called in German, U-Bahn) carries passengers on 9 lines and 86 stations. The stations can easily be recognized on the street by the blue sign with a white 'U' in the middle. Most of the lines go through the city center. Metro operates from 4 AM to roughly 2 AM. As ticket inspections are quite frequent in Frankfurt, don't even consider traveling without a ticket.

Rapid transit railway

S-Bahn runs in, around, and outside of the city. Most lines run together from Hauptbahnhof to Ostendstraße. The trains run quite frequent, even up to 5 minutes (with the overlapping lines).


Not only 10 normal lines make the tramway network of Frankfurt, but there is also a heritage line (Ebbelwei-Expreß) where you get some pretzels and cider while going around the city center. In general, if you have companions to travel, you can buy a group day ticket which allows up to 5 passengers to travel together.

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Time Zone
Central European Time (CET)

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Electric Current
230 V

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F-type plugF-type plug

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