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Iceland is the land of waterfalls, geysers and other nature wonders. Due to its northern location and low light pollution Iceland is one of the best place, where we can see - if we are lucky- the aurora bolearis (Northern Light).

Reykjavík is the capital and the largest city of Iceland, it takes 45 minutes to reach it from the Keflavik Airport.



In the center of Reykjavik, sights are within walking distance. But if you want to reach the suburbs or other villages, the best solution is to travel by bus! You can buy tickets from the driver as long as you have the exact amount, as they cannot give change. The 'heart' of the bus network is the Hlemmur bus station.


Various taxi companies work in Reykjavik, some operate all year, whereas some only take passengers in the summer season. Be prepared that taxi is not the most cost-efficient way of traveling, however, splitting the bill or paying by card is not a problem at all.


If you want to explore Iceland, the best choice is car rental. Even though public transport in the countryside is well-organized and widespread, but usually it is more complicated and lengthy. In addition, Iceland is full of natural sights at almost every kilometer, so it is highly recommended to visit those at your own pace! Quality of roads and parking is easy.

Useful tips

Once you go to a shop in Iceland, you may find shelves stacked with various flavors of Skyr. You may think Skyr is just a yogurt, but it's more thick, creamy, and filling!

Restaurants in Iceland not only serve typical ingredients, but special ones too, including whale, horse, and puffin meat. Puffin (or Atlantic puffin) is a seabird with a thick-set neck and short wings and tail.

Blue Lagoon was initially a by-product of a geothermal power plant, but nowadays it's one of the biggest attractions in Iceland with curative thermal water. As the number of guests is limited, make sure you buy your ticket in advance!

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Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

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230 V

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