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About Tel Aviv

The magnificent Tel Aviv is the Mediterranean city that never sleeps! This place has become a real lifestyle capital with so much brilliant things to do and see: ancient sights, sunny beaches, great architecture and amazing food! Where modern meets tradition: discover Tel Aviv!

Tel Aviv is the place to be during the summer for its breezy beaches. Just a few steps away the always busy city you can cool off in the sparkling azure waters. There are so many different beaches for all, you just have to pick your favourite spot and enjoy the sunlight. Hop on a surfboard or take a sip of your refreshing cocktail on the beach, it is all about endless fun.

For the best local bites, you must visit the busy Carmel Market. Spoil your senses with delightful tastes, smells and colours and try some fresh local specialties. The Middle East is all about the spicy way of life! In Tel Aviv you will be able to find real culinary gems from traditional Israeli restaurants to trendy cosmopolitan bars and cafés. The bubbly and sparkly nightlife will take you away!

If you had enough of the modern energy in Tel Aviv, just stroll down the dreamy Old Jaffa town. When in Jaffa you must visit the legendary port and admire the breath-taking view of the city. While you are there, you simply cannot miss the flea markets for an exciting treasure hunt. You will never know what you will end up with! For genuine handmade arts and crafts you can also hit the Nachalat Binyamin market and enjoy the superb atmosphere.




Bus services are comfortable, frequent and relatively affordable in Tel Aviv. During Shabbat, the majority of public transport is out of service, you may take the so-called Sherut Taxis at this time. These supplement normal buses by going through its routes and can be stopped whenever and wherever you wish to. Get on, take a seat and pass the fare to the fellow passengers who will give it to the driver (and give the change back, if any).


Before getting in, always ask the approximate fare for your ride, as not all the drivers prefer driving by the taximeter.


Due to the fact that the structure of the roads is very transparent, it's easy to get around. If you focus on the roads parallel to the coast, it will be a piece of cake to find cross streets. As the driving style is not similar to Western Europe, we only recommend driving for staid, experienced drivers. If you want to enjoy the independence of riding, it's worth renting a bike instead.

Useful tips

Shabbat, a rest day starts at Friday sunset and lasts until Saturday sunset. Religious people must avoid all kind of work, including choosing floors in an elevator. During Shabbat, elevators are usually set to a special program, which makes it stop on all floors.

Tel Aviv is also known as the 'White City' which became a UNESCO world heritage in 2003. It got its name after the approximately 5.000 Bauhaus-styled houses with white colored facades. Such houses were built by German Jews, who fled from Nazi Germany.

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Time Zone
Israel Standard Time (IDT)

Country Code

Electric Current
230 V

Plug Type
H-type plugH-type plug

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