About Alghero

Alghero is one of the main resorts in the northwest part of the beautiful island of Sardinia, Italy. The lovely medieval city has so much pleasures to offer: enjoy the perfect weather while discovering the sandy beaches and interesting local sights. The area has a very special Spanish atmosphere because of the city’s past as a Catalan colony. The most important attraction is of course the breath-taking historic centre, one of the best preserved in Sardinia.

Italy’s rich history has created a fascinating variety of monuments, buildings and sights; therefore, Alghero has become a literal paradise for tourists during the last years. You can find many brilliant archaeological sites such as the Anghelu Ruju necropolis, the Santu Pedru hill, the Villa Romana of Santa Imbenia and the Purissima. If you want to enjoy the fabulous view over the city, you must visit the Porta Terra tower, one of the signature sights of Alghero. Also, the monumental Alghero Cathedral constructed in 1570 is really something to see, not to mention the religious architecture of the city.

If you get overwhelmed by the city’s rich history and culture, you just might want to take a break at the beach. Alghero is extremely popular for its beautiful landscape. It has many wonderful beaches, bays and natural parks on the shoreline. Check out the most popular sunny beaches of Sardinia such as San Giovanni, Lido, Maria Pia, La Stalla and others. Don’t worry about your way, Alghero is very well connected by roads, buses, ports, trains and international flights.




More than a thousand kilometer of railroad network was built on the island, reaching almost every part of Sardinia. Trains are modern, quiet and comfortable.


Between bigger settlements, not only regular buses take passengers, but also long-distance coaches with fewer stops. If you consider hiking in the mountains, maybe it's not the best option to rely on the Mediterranean way of life (including bus schedules), it's recommended to rent a car or scooter instead.

Useful tips

It's a 'once in a lifetime' experience to explore the island from a rented motorboat. On the eastern side of the island, Golfo di Orosei is full of cozy bays and caves. The gulf is only accessible by motorboat. For the 'minicrociera' boats, you don't need a special driving license.

From Sardinia, several companies operate ferries to various destinations, including Sicily, Marseille, Barcelona or Tunis.

Beware: it is against the law to take out shells, stones or sand from the island. The Customs authority strictly watches everyone leaving from the airport, so don't dare to get a fine for this!

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Time Zone
Central European Time (CET)

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230 V

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