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The largest city of South Italy, and the third largest Italian city after Rome and Milan. Naples has kept several monasteries, basilicas and fortresses with stout towers during its history, while the visitors of the volcano are also welcome at the foot of Vesuvius. In its museums we can have a look at the famous Alexander Mosaic, the younger visitors can get more information about the Age of Exploration through an interactive exhibition, and we can see here also the world's oldest aquarium. Fancy holiday resorts line up among the beautiful castles, palaces and yacht ports on the sea coast and there are also attractions under the ground.

There's no tourist, who wouldn't look up the famous shopping street, the Via Toledo, or wouldn't walk around the old town's narrow alleys and lovely squares beside the visit of the Royal Palace, Castel Nuovo and Castel dell' Oro. The UNESCO declared the old town to be the member of the World Heritages in 1995.



The quickest way of transportation in the city. In the center, you can find lines 1 and 6, while lines 2, 3, 4 and 5 are almost considered as suburban railways. Line 1 is also called 'Metro dell'Arte' as its stations are decorated with contemporary pieces of art.


Trams are mostly running on major streets and the coastal areas. What local people consider as an everyday activity might be a breathtaking thing for tourists. The funiculars, which are used because of the geographical characteristics of the city.


Draft horses of public transport in Naples are buses. Lines not only serve the city itself but also nearby villages. Tickets can be purchased in tobacconists, newsstands and ticketing machines at major stations. Single tickets are valid for 90 minutes and allow transferring between lines, but it's worth buying a day ticket, which provides unlimited use until midnight of the given day.

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In 1929, in the Santa Lucia district, a boy called Carlo Pedersoli was born. Maybe this name does not ring the bell, but if it's almost sure that everyone knows Bud Spencer, whose films were dubbed because of his strong native accent. He did not consider himself an Italian, both him and his character Piedone were 'true Neapolitans'.

British graffiti artist Banksy also left a handprint there. Madonna with a gun is currently the only known piece of art made by Banksy in Italy. In spring 2016, a potential Banksy-fan covered the painting with a glass cover to protect from damage, abuse or removal.

Neapolitaner also got named after the city of Naples. The hazelnut, being the main ingredient of the cream spread was bought by the Austrian manufacturer Manner from this area.

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