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What is so amazing about Malta? Near Sicily the European island is filled with brilliant architecture, historical sights, turquoise sea and many charming places to discover. Not to mention the perfectly breezy weather! It is definitely the best place to visit whether you are with family or friends.

Malta is a paradise for water lovers, so you might want to get into the beach life. Visit the Blue Lagoon at the island of Comino, where you can enjoy the postcard worthy azure water and the serene nature. Either you just want to chill on the beautiful beach or get active and try water sports, it is the ideal choice.

You definitely do not want to miss the taste of Malta: try always fresh local dishes! For the real deal visit colourful Marsaxlokk, which is a charming fishing village popular amongst visitors. You can try traditional local fresh seafood restaurants here and enjoy a fine selection of the best fishes.

To complete your trip to Malta you simply cannot miss the legendary streets of Valletta part of the UNESCO World Heritage. The city is packed with amazing restaurants and bars, cosy shops and colourful buildings. It is perfect for an afternoon stroll, so if you ever get tired of exploring its fantastic narrow streets, just hop into a nice café.

When in Valletta do not miss the magnificent St. John’s Co-Cathedral built in the 16th century. The breathtaking baroque church will leave you speechless, and it is also home of famous Caravaggio paintings and frescoes.




As the legendary Maltese buses were replaced with modern vehicles, traveling by bus became faster and more comfortable. Coaches are equipped with an intense air-conditioning system, it's recommended to take a scarf or a cardigan with you. Bus network covers almost all villages on the Island. From one end to another, coaches go for about 1,5 hours. Daily and weekly travelcards are cheap, providing unlimited travel throughout the network. On Gozo Island, almost all routes meet in Rabat city.


Two types of taxis are serving in Malta. Black cabs are available for preorder only, but tariffs and routes are fixed (between two cities, or between a city and the airport). White cabs are regular taxis, which can be hailed, equipped with a taximeter and take you wherever you wish to.


Malta inherited left-hand driving from the British colonization era and still preserves it. This can be tricky for visitors coming from right-hand drive countries. When you rent a car, take extra care once you pick up the car about scratches or damages, and also if the car has a valid insurance!

Useful tips

Malta is an important location for the film industry. Various movies were filmed here, including Troy, Game of Thrones, and Gladiator.

If you visit the St. John's Co-Cathedral, don't forget to include the Cathedral Museum in the program. You can watch the Caravaggio painting 'Beheading of St. John the Baptist'.

If you wish to experience the everyday life of marquis, visit Casa Rocca Piccola in Valletta. The 16th-century building is inhabited by a real Marquis and his family, who shows his castle to curious tourists. From the house chapel to the bunker under the castle, you can get a preview of the family's life.

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