About Eindhoven

The cultural centres, modern art museums, craft design studios and huge parks identify Eindhoven's image in the 21st century. It was only an insignificant town in the 19th century, but then it started to grow rapidly in the 20th century due to the industrialization.

The old and empty factory buildings came to life impressively in the fifth biggest city of the Netherlands. In its neighborhood there are a lot of great opportunities to go for a trip and we can also learn more about Van Gogh's art.



Thinking of motorized transportation, buses are clearly the easiest and cheapest solution. A huge network connects districts of Eindhoven with the nearby cities. In front of the central railway station, there is a huge bus station for local and suburban buses. Also, there is a ticket office, where you can buy tickets or the OV-chipkaart (electronic travelcard).


What could be more Dutch than going across the city on two wheels? You can rent a bicycle at the central railway station, but make sure you lock the bike securely!


Speaking of the most expensive way of transport, there is also a risk of unofficial cabs. The pricing is made up of a starting fare (sometimes it includes a given amount of kilometers, usually 2 km), plus the distance (charged per kilometer) and the duration (charged per minute).

Useful tips

If you want to taste Dutch beers which you can't buy at home, visit Stadtsbrouwerij Eindhoven brewery! They are not only selling their own beers but they also have other Dutch craft beers on tap.

The oldest truck manufacturing company in Europe, DAF is also based in Eindhoven. Formerly, it also produced cars. DAF Museum is a perfect attraction for children and adults who love modern and old vehicles.

The Netherlands is well-known for its frequent and good-quality railway services. From Eindhoven, you can go to e.g. s'-Hertogenbosch in 20 minutes, or other Southern cities within an hour.

Good to Know



Time Zone
Central European Time (CET)

Country Code

Electric Current
230 V

Plug Type
F-type plugF-type plug

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