About Bergen

Bergen is the perfect destination for a relaxing weekend getaway: from lively culture to charming nature, you can find everything in Norway! This beautiful place is surrounded by mountains and fjords, including Sognefjord the country’s deepest fjord. It is also a perfect travel destination for hiking and wandering, so you can enjoy the larger than life panoramic views and hiking trails. These are memories for life!

The main attraction of this area is of course the unique Bryggen, which has been the liveliest and culturally most active area of the city. For its wonderfully designed colourful buildings you will not need an Instagram-filter! Bryggen is now part of the UNESCO World Heritage list, and it is the most popular destination of Norway. There you will find everything about history: Bryggen is the living part of the Scandinavian cultural heritage, and it captures perfectly the bygone era of a different world.

Just stroll down the narrow streets and hop into the galleries nearby, and get to know this special universe. Start your journey at the Meeting Point Bryggen near the Bryggen Museum, and go on exploring all of the historic attractions. There is also a visitor centre nearby, so you can also book guided tours for the full experience.

May the Bergen fun begin: enjoy a perfect daytime break at the adventurous water parks nearby! It is the perfect activity all year round in any weather, just enjoy the exciting waterslides, inside and outside swimming pools and many more!


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230 V

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