Metro in Porto has been in operation since 2002, and it's already made up of 6 lines, marked from A to F. All lines meet at Trinidade station. An electronic ticket system called Andante is working, cards can be purchased and topped up in ticketing machines at metro stations.


Unfortunately, only three lines remained in Porto, lines 1, 18, and 22. Primarily they are operated for tourists, but also local people use it. Trams run from 9 AM until early evening.


Although the city center is served by metro lines, buses rule the outer suburbs of the city. Bus lines have 3-digit numbering, with the first digit standing for the direction of the bus (2 for West, 3 for North). Night buses are marked with 'M'.

Useful tips

Bolhao, the biggest market of Porto shows the real face of the city in the morning. Open until 5 PM on weekdays and 1 PM on Saturday, but it's always the best option to go in the morning, as there are more locals than tourists in the market.

Don't miss out Port wine, which made Porto world famous! Numerous places offer wine tasting in Porto, but it's worth taking an excursion where they take you to several wineries.

People interested in art deco architecture will see wonderful buildings, even simple shops, factories or cinemas.

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Time Zone
Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)

Country Code

Electric Current
230 V

Plug Type
F-type plugF-type plug

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