About Bucharest

Bucharest is the capital of Romania, and it offers so many exciting things to discover! Besides the pleasant weather, the city is perfect for a weekend break whether you travel with family or alone. Bucharest is extremely rich in history and culture, so you can have a taste of the genuine Eastern European lifestyle.

The most iconic sight of the city is the magnificent Palace of Parliament, which happens to be the world’s second largest administrative building with more than 3000 rooms. You can take a look of the building even from the inside by guided tours only. You will only believe it with your own eyes!

If you want to relax and enjoy the peaceful nature, you must visit the largest park in Bucharest which is the Herastrau Park surrounding a city lake. You can find many great bars, cafés and restaurants here, and during the evening it transforms into a vibrant party scene. It is the heart of Bucharest nightlife!

Of course, there are many other wonderful parks and gardens around, like for example Gradina Verona and Cismigiu Garden. If you feel like leaving the green oasis, you must visit the amazing National Art Museum. The museum is placed in the beautiful 19th century Royal Palace, and there are various European works of art on display. The gallery includes a number of some 12 000 artworks.

Also, you should treat yourself in Bucharest with an éclair or any other French delights, since the city is filled with many stylish pastry shops.




There are four metro lines in Bucharest, the most frequently used as tourists will use the M2 line, as it affects several attractions.


There are 23 tram lines in the city. The buses and trams are half past five in the morning, and after that time they can only be planned with night buses.


There are eighty-five day and twenty-five night buses in Bucharest, and there are eleven suburban bus lines within the city.


The taxi is relatively inexpensive in Bucharest, but several international sites warn tourists to board only taxis that are loaded on the side of the car per kilometer and where the driver is using the taxi driver.

Useful tips

In the unexpected places, there are small Orthodox temples built in the 17th and 18th centuries in the old town. You can search out on the internet in advance or join a themed walk if you are interested in this hidden world!

The streets of the old town lined up with cafes, bars, and nightclubs, if after a sightseeing a little relaxation is the plan, they will surely find their place to their liking.

The street front of the Novotel was modeled on the building of the Romanian national theater destroyed in the Second World War.

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Eastern European Time (EET)

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230 V

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