About Ibiza

Ibiza is famous for its exciting nightlife, but it is rarely known, that it is on the list of UNESCO World Heritages because of its natural and cultural attractions. Therefore constructions cannot be started on several places of the island, which helps to keep the authentic atmosphere of the affected settlements.

Ibiza is the 14th largest island of the Mediterranean Sea. It can be found 150 kilometers far from the Spanish coastline.



Buses in Ibiza are among the most popular among tourists. There are several bus companies on the island, the routes they cover and schedules can be found on the Ibizabus web site. There are night buses, L2-Discobus, L3- and L3B-Discobus from San Antonio, and L13-18-Discobus and L14-Discobus from Ibiza town at night.


Most hotels and bus stations are near taxi rankings, but if green lights on a taxi on the top of the sign, you can stumble on the street. The final amount consists of a charge of a kilometer and a mileage measured with the taxi hour. Last night, nine o'clock higher than during the day. If you are taxis from the airport or airport, you will need to charge an additional charge.

Useful Tips

The ensaimada is a sweet, snail-shaped pastry, which is beside the Mallorcas and the Icyans. Of course, the two islands are close together, so it's no miracle. Almost all the bakeries and cafes are sold on the island. The other local delicacies, the flao, are sold in a little less space. This circular, sweet inside, usually cooked with goat's cheese and with characteristic herbs (eg mint), is mainly consumed with sweet white wine and liqueurs.

Like many other Spanish cities, Ibiza - more precisely the city of San Antonio - also claims that Christopher Colombus was born there. An egg-shaped statue was erected here to commemorate.

Nightclubs open in June and end with a huge closing in October.

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Time Zone
Central European Time (CET)

Country Code

Electric Current
230 V

Plug Type
F-type plugF-type plug

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