About Malmö

The beautiful Malmö is the third largest coastal city of Sweden best known for its vibrant social life and numerous attractions. This city will definitely keep you busy with lively cafés, fascinating art galleries and museums, cosy restaurants and relaxing parks.

Start with the basics and visit the stunning Malmöhus Castle, the most famous renaissance castle in the country. Explore the castle’s lively rich history, which today hosts the Museum of Art, Natural History Museum and the Tropicarium. These are the most iconic traditional landmarks of Malmö.

For a modern twist, check out the magnificent Turning Torso Tower, the majestic skyscraper that shapes the image of the city. The building is 190 meters in height and it was opened in 2005. The city panorama will truly leave you speechless!

You might want to visit the Malmö Konsthall, one of the largest exhibition halls of Europe. Discover brilliant artworks from the classical masters to upcoming contemporary artists. The city is so full of culture, it is definitely a place of creativity and innovation.

If you are looking for some relaxation, stroll down the peaceful Kungsparken, which is absolutely glorious during the summer. The park even has two city lakes, so you can rent a bike and have a picnic nearby.

Enjoy the city life, and walk through the busy streets filled with bars, cafés and restaurants around a romantic little market square called Lilla Torg. Malmö is definitely the most sociable city of Sweden, so you might fall for the true Scandinavian lifestyle.




Buses are run very frequently not only within the city but also to the nearby cities. Some lines run at night too but not all of them, so if you plan to stay out late, check if you can get public transport back to your accommodation. City buses are green and intercity buses are yellow. Buses can be used with a Jojo card, a top-up system which comes with many benefits.


Despite the tram network have been abandoned in 1973, one line remained where a heritage tram is running every summer.


Taxi fares to/from the airport are fixed, in every other case, the tariffs are set by the operator. Before ordering or getting inside, always ask about the tariff used. Keep the receipt at the end of the journey to identify the taxi in any complications.

Useful tips

The second tallest building in Europe is Turning Torso since 2005. The offbeat shape is made up of 9 5-story blocks twisted, making the total height to 190 meters. As the building serves as a residential building, it cannot be visited.

Öresund Bridge is the longest combined railway and motorway bridge (7845 meters) was completed in 2000. The bridge touches a small island on the sea, from where it continues in a tunnel before reaching Copenhagen. A Toll must be paid for all vehicles going through the motorway.

Malmö belonged to Denmark until 1658, when after signing the Treaty of Roskilde included the immediate cession of Skåne province.

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Time Zone
Central European Time (CET)

Country Code

Electric Current
230 V

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F-type plugF-type plug

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