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Kiev is the vibrant capital of Ukraine with unique mixture of Eastern and Western culture. The city is known for its lively social life, magnificent architecture, amazing food and of course the extravagant culture and history! Kiev is the perfect choice for a city break whether you are with family or alone.

Ever thought of going to the beach when in Kiev? That is right: Kiev has a beach, the extremely popular Hydropark. This is an island of entertainment and fun on the Dnieper river. You can find sandy beaches, many activities, lots of pubs and cocktail bars. Enjoy your refreshing drink and the sunset over the beautiful city!

If you are more interested in the Ukrainian heritage, you could spend a day alone just exploring breath-taking churches. The glorious St. Sophia Cathedral is on the UNESCO World Heritage list for a good reason, and its serene beauty will leave you speechless.

To learn more about Ukraine’s past you must pay a visit to the National Chernobyl Museum, which is one of Kiev’s most interesting museums. Also, you cannot miss the Museum of One Street, which is the representation of the rich history of the city. The area is packed with historical landmarks, cool shops and many traditional cafés. Do not miss the house of the legendary writer Mikhail Bulgakov!

If you are more into outdoors, then you can stroll down the calm Mariyinsky and Khreshchatyk Park. Rent a bike and enjoy the majestic view of the Dnieper River.




In Kiev, the metro is the main means of transport. The fittings are on three lines. Each line is red, the two are blue and the triple line is green.


23 routes, 140 kilometers trams and trams in Kiev.


Buses, directionals and trolleybuses span the entire city. You can buy a ticket on most buses from the driver or a guide, but the simplest way is to buy as many tickets as you need in a kiosk in advance. Whether you're on the bus or anticipating tickets, you have to validate them after the take-off!

Useful tips

The Andriyansky slope is also referred to as "Montmartre of Kiev", five minutes walk away, in the city center there is a contemporary sculpture park. His creations look so good for the locals that locals think there is no way anyone can go without letting them smile.

In the Pecherska Lavra area, you will also find a museum where you can find incredibly miniature things. Here is the world's smallest book, and there is a needle in the part where the thread is threaded, somehow a whole camphor and an oasis are over. Incredible!

The church of the 12th century, Kirill, is far from the main tourist attractions, yet it is worthwhile to come here and relax for a bit under the wonderful frescoes because we have an old, authentic, historic face of Kiev in this church.

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