Our mission is to deliver the best prices for you every day whichever flight+hotel combination you select. As we are convinced you will not find cheaper prices for flight+hotel combinations within our network, we are delighted to secure your purchase with a Best Price Guarantee. Should you still find a better deal, however, contact us within 24 hours of completing your booking and we will refund you the difference if our Best Price Guarantee conditions are met.


Our Best Price Guarantee applies if the following Best Price Guarantee Conditions are met:

  • You booked your Wizz Tours flight+hotel holiday package within the past 24 hours
  • The comparison with the alternate trip is based on gross selling prices containing all mandatory cost elements including but not limited to airport taxes, possible fuel- and exchange rate surcharges
  • Your booked travel dates are at least 14 days from today
  • You found an alternate trip whose flights depart and arrive on the same days as the ones included in your Wizz Tours booking. We only consider direct flights whose itineraries match the routing of the Wizz Tours booking you are comparing those to.
  • You have found an alternate trip including a carrier with same cabin class, same baggage allowance and same cancellation policy as in your Wizz Tours booking
  • You have found an alternate trip including the exact same hotel, exact same room type, on the same board basis for the same occupancy, same length of stay and the same cancellation policy. In case your Wizz Tours booking includes (a) child(ren), your ‘better deal’ has to contain the same number of children aged exactly as the ones in your Wizz Tours booking.
  • Your alternate flight+hotel package gives you tour operator protection.


  • Found a better price? – Check if travel conditions are the same, including but not limited to the travel dates, airline, hotel name, room type, board type.
  • Contact us and let us know what you have found – Contact us via [email protected] so that our Customer Service team can check the details and validate your claim.
  • Our Customer Service Team will review and validate your claim.
  • We will refund you the difference in the form of a Wizz Tours discount code which you can use during your next booking on

Please note that only those claim requests can be accepted where the Wizz Tours Customer Service representative is able to independently confirm the lower price. Wizz Tours will not accept screenshots or other evidence which may open the possibility for manipulated content. Wizz Tours may decide, in its sole discretion, not to verify any request that it believes is the result of human/technical error or the request is made in bad faith.

Exclusions: Our Best Price Guarantee does not apply for bookings if the referred alternate bookings are not available to the general public and/or the referred alternate bookings are only offered under special conditions. Such examples include:

  • Blind bookings – Bookings where you only find out which hotel you are staying at or which airline you are flying with only after you have completed your payment.
  • Loyalty programs / Member only rates / Frequent flyer-stayer rates – Rates which are only available for registered members, loyalty members of an airline, hotel, or tour operator, or if guests are required to pay by using loyalty points.
  • Any rewards schemes or special promotions made available through the travel service provider.

Voucher issuance: Verified requests will receive a voucher within approximately 14 days of verification.

  • If your request is verified, you are entitled to one single-use voucher per booking.
  • Each voucher is valid for a 12-month-period from the date of issuance.
  • Wizz Tours reserves to right to render any voucher issued in error, or where the customer is found to be ineligible to receive a coupon or has been deemed by Wizz Tours to be abusing the Best Price Guarantee program for personal or financial gains.

Changes to Best Price Guarantee

  • Wizz Tours reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify or discontinue the Best Price Guarantee or to restrict its availability to any person, at any time, for any or no reason, and without prior notice or liability to you. The terms that are in effect at the time of your booking will determine your eligibility under the Best Price Guarantee.
  • No change in the Best Price Guarantee program will affect any coupon that has already been issued by Wizz Tours.

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